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Plum Blossom Mini Guzheng Kit for Beginners/Children

Master the Art of Guzheng with BASICM Mini 21-String Gu Zheng and Complete Accessories Kit - Perfect for Beginners and Children!

- High-quality sound: The guzheng produces a high-quality sound that is perfect for beginners who are just starting to learn how to play the instrument. The sound is clear and resonant, making it easy for beginners to hear their progress.
- Beautiful design: The guzheng is designed with a beautiful plum blossom pattern that is eye-catching and attractive. This makes it a great addition to any home or music studio, and also adds to the overall motivation and inspiration of the beginner.

The BASICM Mini Gu Zheng 21 Strings is a perfect choice for beginners and children who want to learn and play the traditional Chinese instrument. This guzheng finger trainer comes with full accessories including a guzheng code and backpack, making it easy to carry and practice anywhere. The beautiful Plum blossom design adds a touch of elegance to the instrument. The 21 strings produce a rich and soothing sound, which is perfect for relaxation and meditation. The BASICM Mini Gu Zheng 21 Strings is easy to play and provides a great opportunity for beginners to learn and master the instrument. Overall, this guzheng finger trainer is a great investment for anyone who wants to explore the beauty and culture of traditional Chinese music.