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Rosewood Guzheng - 21 String Zither Instrument for Adults and Children

Unleash Your Inner Musician with LERSHY Professional Guzheng: The Perfect Chinese String Instrument for Adults, Children, and Beginners!

- Beautiful design: The guzheng features a stunning rosewood painting process that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal. It's not only a beautiful instrument to play but also a beautiful piece of art to display.
- Versatile: The LERSHY Professional Guzheng can be used for a variety of purposes, including performances, recordings, and personal enjoyment. Its 21 strings provide a wide range of notes and tones, making it a versatile instrument for any musician.

The LERSHY Professional Guzheng is a beautiful and high-quality Chinese string instrument that is perfect for adults, children, and beginners. With 21 strings and a length of 163cm/64inch, this zither guzheng produces a rich, resonant sound that is perfect for both playing and performing. The instrument is made from rosewood and features a stunning painting process that enhances its aesthetic appeal. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, the LERSHY Professional Guzheng is an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn or play this traditional Chinese instrument. So why wait? Order your LERSHY Professional Guzheng today and start enjoying the beautiful sounds of this ancient instrument.