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13-String Japanese Koto Harp Set

Discover the Enchanting Sounds of Japan with Our New 13-String Koto Harp - Complete with Head Cover, Bridges, and Practice Book!

- Includes accessories: The harp comes with koto bridges and a practice book in Japanese, which is a great addition for beginners who want to learn how to play the instrument.
- Import shipping: The fact that the harp comes with import shipping means that it can be shipped to various locations around the world. This makes it accessible to people who may not have access to a local supplier of Japanese Koto harps.

Introducing the entry model Japanese Koto harp, a beautiful instrument with 13 strings and a stunning head cover. This new Koto harp comes complete with koto bridges and a practice book in Japanese, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned musicians alike. The Koto harp is a traditional Japanese instrument that has been played for centuries, and this entry model is the perfect way to start your journey into this unique musical world. With its high-quality construction and beautiful design, this Koto harp is sure to impress anyone who sees and hears it. Plus, with import shipping included, you can have this amazing instrument delivered right to your doorstep. Don't miss your chance to own this beautiful entry model Japanese Koto harp and start creating beautiful music today.